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Tooth pain might be more than just an inconvenient issue. Usually, it is a sign that something else is going on, and the sooner the problem is addressed, the faster you can get back to pain-free days. See your dentist today! And you will be back to normal in no time.

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Here are the 5 most common causes of severe tooth pain

Tooth with worn out enamel - Icon

Worn Enamel

When biting into an ice pop or drinking hot tea leaves you wincing in pain, that sensitivity to hot and cold can be a problem, not just for your diet.

Dental Cavities - Icon


Cavities often manifest as sharp pain, particularly when you bite down on something hard, and it doesn’t have to be hot or cold to set you off.

Cracked Tooth - Icon

Cracked Tooth

Maybe you bit down on hard food or suffered an accident in a contact sport. A cracked or chipped teeth can definitely give way to severe tooth pain.

Tooth with dental drilling handle - Icon

Loose Filling or Dental Work

Although fillings and crowns are meant to be long-lasting, they can occasionally crack, become loose or even fall out completely, giving way to severe tooth pain.

Tooth Abscess - Icon


Untreated cavity results in infection of the pulp portion of the tooth called Abscess, which results in swelling, redness, throbbing pain.

Some issues are easy to fix, whereas others speak to a more in-depth problem that you will need to discuss with your dentist.
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What do our patrons say about us?

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Thorough professional with kind heart. Clean workmanship without pain to patients. .I have been to many dentists. . But he is one of the best you can have… Highly recommended.
Photo of Gaurav Mehta for Sujay's Dental Clinic's testimonial
Gaurav Mehta
I had severe dental problems and had horrible experience with dentist’s. But now all of my dental problems are solved and i would love to tell all credit goes to Dr.Sujay. He is such a wonderful doctor i would recommend others to visit his clinic.Thanks Doc, you Rock.
Photo of Prashanth Kumar for Sujay's Dental Clinic's testimonial
Prashanth Kumar
Software Engineer
Dr Sujay Gopal is the best dental surgeon I have visited.He has good expertise and is a thorough professional. He explains in detail the treatment given.His clinic has all latest equipments and is maintained well. I highly recommend Dr Sujay for painless root canal treatment and implant.Unfortunately there are only 5 stars to rate.
Photo of Jyothi Kishore for Sujay's Dental Clinic's testimonial
Jyothi Kishore
Home Maker
I had a great! experience altogether @ Sujay’s Dental care. I would highly recommend him
Photo of Miding Jamoh for Sujay's Dental Clinic's testimonial
Miding Jamoh
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