Full Mouth rehabilitation using dental implants

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A 70-year old man had visited Sujay’s Dental Care complaining about swollen gums.

The patient had a history of:

  • RCT treated i.r.t 21,22
  • FPD i.r.t 21,22,23,24,25

Evidence-Based Dentistry:

As a part of Evidence-based treatment, we took full mouth OPG. After examining OPG x-ray of the teeth, our team of dentists decided for

  • Immediate extraction followed by full mouth rehabilitation using dental implants.

evidence-based-dentistry-bannerTreatment Procedure:

  • Preoperative diagnostic impressions and radiographs were made. Mock up was performed.
  • Total extraction was performed. Followed by immediate surgical implant placement. Which included six implants each in an upper and lower arch .
  • Suture removal was done after a week. 13,24,33,34,44,43 were retained to give a pair of interim fixed partial dentures. Which were extracted after 3 months and 2 more implants were placed.
  • Prosthetic phase was scheduled after four months. Radiographs were made. Prosthetic phase of restoration was carried out.
  • Primary impressions were made. Open tray implant level impressions were made for the upper and lower arch.
  • A jig trial was made. Jaw relations were recorded.
  • Try in of the metal framework of the upper and lower arch was carried out.
  • Trial of the waxed crowns was done and found satisfactory and accepted by the patient.
  • Bisque trial was done and the occlusion was verified.
  • The final prosthesis was received after the glaze.
  • Upper and lower metal framework were torque and individual crowns were looted over them using glass ionomer luting cement.

Follow Up:

  • A regular 3 months follow up is advised.

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