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"Dr Sujay Gopal is the best dental surgeon I have visited.He has good expertise and is a thorough professional. He explains in detail the treatment given.His clinic has all latest equipments and is maintained well. I highly recommend Dr Sujay for painless root canal treatment and implant.Unfortunately there are only 5 stars to rate."
Photo of Jyothi Kishore for Sujay's Dental Clinic's testimonial
Jyothi Kishore
Home Maker
"Thorough professional with kind heart. Clean workmanship without pain to patients. .I have been to many dentists. . But he is one of the best you can have… Highly recommended."
Photo of Gaurav Mehta for Sujay's Dental Clinic's testimonial
Gaurav Mehta
"I had severe dental problems and had horrible experience with dentist’s. But now all of my dental problems are solved and i would love to tell all credit goes to Dr.Sujay. He is such a wonderful doctor i would recommend others to visit his clinic.Thanks Doc, you Rock."
Photo of Prashanth Kumar for Sujay's Dental Clinic's testimonial
Prashanth Kumar
Software Engineer
"Awesome clinic, attendants are well natured and helpful. Dr.Sujay himself is very helpful,cheerful person and he very patiently listen to your problems."
Photo of Sanket Pandey for Sujay's Dental Clinic's testimonial
Sanket Pandey
"First Dental Doctor was Best Dental Doctor Ever …. Yahooooooo Root Canal treatment Finished.. Heartly thanking my doctor Sujay Gopal sir for painless root canal treatment… when i first entered his Multispeciality Dental care Centre his possitive smile cured half of my problems…when he was treating me i was fully in comfort zone. He simply not only treats you he also explains each phase of the treatment.. which give the lot of information about the treatment… Once again Heartly thank you sujay Gopal sir for Best dental Treatment No worries… I Would personally Recommend others to visit his clinic.Best clinic and fully advanced clinic…"
Photo of Ramdas Bhat for Sujay's Dental Clinic's testimonial
Ramdas Bhat
"Dr. Sujay is a wonderful person. He is very positive in his attitude and very humane. It was a nice feeling to meet him. Loaded with all new technology(X-rays and digital cameras), equipments are very neat and clean including clinic area. Finally i want to say Doc, your hand is very soft!!! i didn’t feel any pain."
Photo of Rajesh Kumar for Sujay's Dental Clinic's testimonial
Rajesh Kuma
Software Engineer
"I had a great! experience altogether @ Sujay’s Dental care. I would highly recommend him."
Photo of Miding Jamoh for Sujay's Dental Clinic's testimonial
Miding Jamoh
"The Most Cool Doctor Ever Met. Treats you like a Friend Rather than His Patient. Superb Treatment As Well."
Photo of Suraj Khela for Sujay's Dental Clinic's testimonial
Suraj Khela
Software Engineer

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