What Are Sugary Drinks Doing To Your Teeth?

What Are Sugary Drinks Doing To Your Teeth?

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What Are Sugary Drinks Doing To Your Teeth?

As we know, the importance of taking care of our dental health, and for this, we follow various dental routine such as brushing, flossing, dental cleanup, etc. But do you know what you are eating is equally important? There are a lot of foods and beverages which have a worse effect on your teeth. No matter how much you are taking care of your teeth by following dental routines, having such foods may hinder your overall dental care.

There is a long list of such foods & drinks, and one of them is definitely a sugary drink such as soft drinks, fruit juice, hot cocoa, energy drinks, flavored water, and the list goes on. Consuming these drinks can cause various dental issues, for instance, bad breath, gum disease, dental cavities, and tooth decay.

Impact of Sugary Drinks to your teeth:

Let’s face is, sugary drinks have a high level of sugar and when taken in excess can have a bad impact on your health but even you consume it occasionally it can have a bad effect on your oral health. When you drink any of these drinks, the sugar present in the drink interacts with the bacteria present in your mouth and form acid. Ultimately, this acid starts eating some of the enamel on your teeth, which makes your teeth weak, making it sensitive and painful. If the loss of enamel is regular, it leads to cavities. Sugary drinks are one of the most common dietary causes of tooth decay, and therefore, it is very to limit you sugary drinks intake to have long term health of your teeth.

Preventions you can take to avoid the damage:

Sugary drinks are go-to drinks when it comes to quenching your thirst. But It is very important for you to know that they are made up of only sugars, and we all know the impact of sugar on our overall health as well as on our oral health. Therefore, making a smarter choice can help you and your family preventing such damages. The first and foremost thing you can do is avoid such drinks whenever possible. There are various other alternatives to quench your thirsts, such as coconut water, plain water, milk, or natural fruit juice. Having natural fruit juice is the best way to give a bit of sweetness but in a healthy way.

There are times when you can’t avoid having sugary drinks or allowing your children to have them. After having these drinks, make sure to rinse your mouth and remove remaining sugar. Invest in toothpaste and mouthwash that contains fluoride. Fluorides strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay. This can also reverse the damage caused by these drinks. Fluoride may also directly applied to your teeth by your dentist if needed.

Other tips to avoid tooth decay:

  1. Avoid drinking soft drinks before bedtime – If you do so, the liquid will coat your teeth with sugar and acid.
  2. Use a straw – Using straw will protect your teeth from sugar and acid.
  3. Get regular dental cleanups – regular checkup will identify the problems and ill be treated sooner.

To conclude, sugary drinks are not good for your teeth, and it is the best decision to avoid them altogether. However, if it is not possible to avoid, make sure you and your family consume it in a moderate amount. To prevent any long term issues, it is highly recommended to always schedule a dental checkup with your dentist to avoid any tooth decay and ensure it has been treated properly.

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