Dental problems associated with smoking

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As you know smoking is injurious to your health and therefore, it should be no surprise that it is very harmful to your oral health as well. Smoking is one of the primary contributors to many dental related problems. Not only cigarettes but all types of tobacco, which includes cigars, dissolvable products, smokeless tobacco products, hookah all causes dental health problems. Smoking and having other tobaccos can cause gum disease, tooth loss, mouth cancer, slow healing after a tooth extraction or other surgery and tooth staining.

Here are some dental problems which can cause with the use of tobacco:

  • Tobacco use is one of the major cause of oral cancer. All tobacco products contain toxins, carcinogens, and nicotine. Oral cancer is a disease which develops rapidly and if not treated early can be dangerous.
  • It also leads to gum disease. As compare to non-smokers, people who smoke are more likely to produce bacterial plaque, which results in gum disease and the primary reason for tooth loss in adults.
  • Smoking slows down the healing process particularly after a tooth extraction or other oral surgery procedures.
  • Smoking can damage the gum tissues. It causes gum recedes leaving the roots of the teeth exposed which results in increasing the risk of tooth decay. It causes tooth sensitivity.
  • When compared to non-smokers, people who smoke are more likely to have bad breath.
  • Other than having bad breath, smoking can also cause teeth discoloration. Because of the presence of nicotine and tar in tobacco, it can leave a stain and make your teeth yellow in a very short span of time which cannot be removed through regular brushing.
  • Smoking can cause an increase of tartar and if not cleaned frequently with the help of a dentist will result in the risk of gingivitis or gum disease.

Cigarettes and Cigars:

Cigarettes and cigars carry a number of toxins which serious dental issues such as oral cancer, gum diseases, tooth loss, etc. — switching from cigarettes smoking to cigar smoking cause various health and dental issues as well. The more you smoke, the greater the risk. Therefore, instead of choosing between cigarettes and cigar, stop the tobaccos altogether.

Smokeless Tobacco:

Smokeless tobacco can be known as a dip and chew, snuff, chewing tobacco or spit tobacco. Regardless of what it is called, smokeless tobacco still contains the most harmful toxins associated with cancer. As reported by the American Dental Association, “at least 28 cancer-causing chemicals have been identified in smokeless tobacco products”. Early signs may include irritation such as tenderness, burning or a sore, swallowing, difficulty chewing, etc.


Recently, hookah has become popular in some places primarily among teenagers and college students. There is a misconception that hookah is healthier alternatives to cigarettes. The water in the hookah pipes does not filter out all of the harmful toxins and therefore, consumers are inhaling more toxic agents.

Quit Smoking?

As you all know the risk related to smoking; however, kicking out the habit cannot be an easy task. No matter if you’re a chain smoker or an occasional smoker, quitting can really be hard. Quitting cigarettes and other forms of tobacco can help you with the long term health benefits including the oral one.



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