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India has become the most preferred & renowned destination for dental tourism.

Atithi Devo Bhava!

We believe in ‘Atithi Devo Bhava.’.

‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, which translates to “a guest is akin to god”, is considered as one of India’s most ancient sayings.
Our organisation will ensure that you will have a  world-class dental care treatment at an affordable price along with an incredible tourism in our country.

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There is an ample number of dental tourism hotspots globally. But When it comes to  India Sujay’s Dental Care is making new strides in the field of dental tourism.

What is Dental Tourism?

“Dental Tourism” can be  defined as travelling overseas to get affordable yet high-quality dental care treatment, (For treatments which are relatively very expensive in their very own country)

Why Choose Us?

It’s an important question, below are the key features of our dental care centre, that makes us stand apart from the crowd.

⦁    Evidence-Based Dentistry
⦁    Personalized Dental Care
⦁    World-class infrastructure
⦁    State of the art technology
⦁    Well Qualified & Experienced Dentists
⦁    Treatments based on the latest updates in the field of dentistry
⦁    Excellent  after support
⦁    Digital Patient Records
⦁    Affordable Prices

What are the steps involved in getting the dental treatment along with tourism?

We follow a systematic process so that our patients do not face any challenges while they are here for treatment. Moreover, by following this process our patients get a clear understanding of what are the things involved in experiencing a successful dental tourism in India.

The steps involved :

Step-1:  Contacting our Representatives:

⦁    Contact one of our dental specialists through email or over the phone  and briefly specify the oral issues which you are facing.

Step 2: Sharing Your Medical Records:

⦁    If you have already undergone any treatment from your local dentist, mail us the digital copy of the discharge summary.

⦁    If already available, mail us the digital copy of your dental OPG X-Ray. Otherwise, kindly get one from a local diagnostic centre in your country.

Step 3: Getting the information on what has to be done:

Within 3-4 Working Days, based on the findings of OPG X-ray ( Evidence-Based Dentistry), One of our Dental specialists will get back to you with

⦁    A brief explanation of what treatment has to be provided.

⦁    Duration & number of sittings required for the treatment procedure, so that you can plan your visits to tourist places in and around Bangalore.

⦁    A rough estimate of the total expense involved.

Note: Since, for some patients along with the OPG X-Ray additional investigations may be required to diagnose the oral issue, the detailed treatment plan would be finalised only when we see you in person at our dental care centre.

Step 4: Scheduling Your Appointment:

⦁    Based upon the treatment plan,  appointments would be scheduled with our dental specialists.

Step 5: Planning  Your Trip:

If required, our travel partners will provide you the guidance regarding

⦁    Getting good accommodation.
⦁    Arranging Vehicles for airport pickup & Drop.
⦁    Planning your visit to tourist places in and around Bangalore. ( It would be in sync with the pre-scheduled appointments with our dentist)

Tourist Places In And around Bangalore

Register Now To Expereience Incredible Tourism in India  along  with World-Class  Dental Treatment

Step 6: Follow up

⦁    All your dental records will be shared with you on a secured digital platform so that you can have access to it anytime at any part of the world.
⦁    After you return to your country, you can still contact our dentists via mail / online chat /phone call/video call.

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Excellent Dental Care at affordable prices:

At Sujay’s dental care centre, treatment costs are significantly less compared to the costs in other first & third world countries.

In the below table, we have given prices for various treatments at our centre in India, along with the approximate costs in other countries like Thailand and United States of America.

By analysing this price chart, you can get the clear picture of how much savings (in terms of percentage) you can make by opting for various dental treatments at Sujay’s Dental Care Centre.


As a part of Dental Tourism, Sujay’s Dental Care has already provided excellent treatment to patients from  Malaysia, Qatar, Iran, United states of America., etc.

A great number of tourists have benefited from dental tourism in India.  What are you waiting for, register now.

Register Now To Expereience Incredible Tourism in India  along  with World-Class  Dental Treatment

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