Orthopantomogram ( X -Ray )

We always keep ourselves updated with the latest trends in the field of dentistry. Our clinic is equipped with Digital OPG (Orthopantomography) X-Ray Machine, for obtaining a panoramic (full mouth) X-ray.

We at Sujay’s dental care follow evidence-based dental treatment.

Working Procedure:

The top unit of OPG revolves  around the jaw bone, which provides us a clear understanding of the arrangement of upper and lower Jaw, defects in the tooth,

Why is an OPG required?

As the OPG gives the panoramic image, the dentist gets the complete overview of the patient’s oral health. This aids the dentists to derive a well-informed and accurate treatment plan.

An OPG Is Used for:

  • Analyzing  impacted wisdom teeth,
  • Unearthing the root cause of dental pain,
  • Detection of tumors in the jawbone,
  • To find deviations in the jaw bone structure,
  • To detect bone loss in and around the tooth structure
  • Pre and post-operative evaluation of  tooth implants,
  • Recognizing Tooth fractures
  • To detect the presence and progress in the development of permanent tooth in children for orthodontic (braces) treatments.

OPG  is most often suggested to determine the exact position of impacted wisdom tooth and to examine the jaws in case of an injury.

How different is OPG X-ray from regular intra-oral X-ray?

Regular intra-oral x-ray provides only the selective view of particular teeth. Whereas an OPG x-ray gives the dentist an complete panoramic view of all the teeth and adjacent bones.

This aids in making well-informed decisions in a wide variety of dental cases and helps in deriving an evidence-based treatment plan.


Before taking an OPG x-ray, patient is requested  to remove all kinds of ornaments made out of metal, hair clips, spectacles, dentures, as items of this sort get in the way of taking a clear image

How much time is involved in capturing an OPG X-Ray?

The process of capturing an OPG Xray usually requires a minute or so.

Process involved:

Step-1: The patient has to stand in front of the OPG machine and rest his or her face on a small shelf-like structure.

Step-2: The patient has to bite a sterile mouthpiece to stable the position of the head.

Step-3: The patient has to hold the handle bars, which are present beneath the rotatable arm. It is very crucial to stand still during the complete process of capturing x-ray.

Step-4: Then the rotatable arm of OPG Machine revolves around the facial area emitting narrow X-ray beam which passes through the bone and teeth structure on its way thus providing a panoramic image.

Step-5: The digital x-ray is saved and displayed in the conected computer screen.

There is no need to panic as the process is very easy & safe and the patient does not feel any type of discomfort during the procedure

What are the advantages of a digital OPG X-Ray?

The advantages  of this procedure are

  • Very minimal radiation exposure
  • Requires much less time to capture
  • low cost of production
  • There is no need to place small x-ray films inside the oral cavity. This is very convenient to patient suffering from Trismus (also called as lock jaw, is a very painful condition where a patient is not able to open the mouth or jaw)