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Groom Your Smile Before Wedding

 Smile is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart, with your radiant smile and a contented heart enter your new world filled with joy while sharing your enchanting smile with the world. A charming smile is the light in your window that tells there is a caring and sharing person inside; a smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles.

4 - Steps to Get Evidence-Based Dental Treatment ​

On your special day let your smile grab attention and earn you accolades from your family and friends.

The wedding day is the happiest day in every person’s life either you’re a groom or a bride. It is the day where you are going to be the center of attractions; in fact, you are going to be the star of the day. Every eye will be on you even the photographer will be busy clicking your pictures. You have been planning your big day for a long time what you are going to wear, how your wedding theme will be like and so on. What about the smile? Just like your dress, ornaments, shoes, hair, etc., your smile is highly important on your wedding day. A healthy and bright smile will complement your overall look.

One of the easiest way to boost your health, mood is to smile. Smile is not only for esthetics but also an unhealthy bite can also contribute to symptoms like headaches or ringing in the ears. So if your appearance of your teeth is avoiding you to smile and making you self conscious we at Sujay’s Dental Care correct your smile by various cosmetic procedures based on the priniciples of Evidence-Based Dentistry.

Step 1 : Consultation

Step 2: OPG X-Ray

Step 3: Treatment Planning

Step 4: Treatment Procedure

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We are the smile artisans committed to reach the pinnacle of perfection. 

The smile is the most dynamic and most natural gift a person own. It is a key that matches the lock of everybody’s heart. A charming and sparkling smile creates positivity around you. A smile is the loveliest thing you can wear on your wedding day. It is a day where you have to smile all day. There is no doubt that your wedding day is going to be one of the most unforgettable days of your life. Moreover, your smile will be captured in photographs and videos which you and your family will cherish for a lifetime. A brighter and healthier smile can make you look more confident on your big day and can leave a twinkling smile on others.

We focus on helping the couple to achieve a wedding day smile that is picture perfect, brighter, healthier smile to boost the confidence and self-esteem and bring on a genuinely sweet natural smile with just the right mix of pride and excitement. It’s your day, and you have all the reasons to be pampered and feel special. So why wait, hurry up and welcome a new flawless smile which symbolises the blossoming love between your loved one and you and hold it close to your heart to cherish it forever.

We offer you cosmetic dental treatment to enhance your smile on your big day in following aspects:

Smile Shine

Single Sitting

[10 Days - 1 Week Before Wedding]

Rejuvinate Your Smile

Two sittings

[2 - 3 Weeks Before Wedding]

Marvelise Your Smile

Multiple sittings

[2 Weeks - 3 Months Before Wedding]

Frequently asked questions

Scaling and polishing is a process in which the tartar is removed and thus it enhances your gum health. Scaling also removes stains thus giving you back the natural colour of the teeth. But scaling doesn’t whiten your teeth. It is advised to get scaling at least 6 months once thus removing deposits which cannot be removed by regular brushing.

The treatments performed such as teeth whitening, fillings, crowns are usually done by shade matching and our expert team is always in look for to get back the natural look.

Teeth whitening is a process in which the teeth are bleached to get a lighter shade. Teeth whitening is not permanent because teeth absorb stains present in food .the teeth whitening can be repeated after a year.

Usually, you are instructed not to drink coffee or tea or any food coloured items for 24 hours to avoid any immediate discolouration.

Indication for veneers or crowns are internal discolouration, chipped teeth etc. Difference between veneers and crown veneers are very thin and only covers the front surface of the teeth and crown covers the whole of the teeth. To decide whether veneer or crown depends on the amount of the tooth structure damaged.

If too much of gum is shown or gums are uneven, then gum correction is required.

There are two kinds of fixed treatment options for replacement of missing teeth one is fixed partial denture (bridge), and other is the implant. An implant is always a better option as the adjacent teeth are not disturbed which happens in bridge. Front tooth same day implant and temporary crown can be placed.

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