Midline Diastema Correction

Midline Diastema Correction

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Midline Diastema Correction


A 40 year old man, complaining of spacing in the upper and lower front teeth had visited Sujay’s Dental Care.

before-and-after-image-dental-implants-case-smile-story-12Evidence Based Dentistry:

As a part of Evidence based treatment we took full mouth OPG.

before-and-after-opg-image-dental-implants-case-smile-story-12After examining OPG x-ray of the teeth, our team of dentists decided to go with restoration of the lower missing tooth using dental implant.

Root canal treatment was done wrt 21. Upper midline diastema closure was done using crowns.

evidence-based-dentistry-bannerAfter all the procedure, he was adviced for a regular 6 months follow up.

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