Implant supported fixed partial denture

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A 40-year old woman had visited our clinic complaining about shaking teeth with bleeding gums and proclined upper anterior teeth. The patient had undergone tooth extraction i.r.t to upper anterior tooth at some other clinic.

Evidence-Based Dentistry:

As a part of Evidence-based treatment, we took full mouth OPG. After examining OPG x-ray of the teeth, our team of dentists decided for

  • Extraction i.r.t. 11,12,13,22,31,32,41.42.
  • Followed by implant i.r.t. 11,13,21,22,31,41.
  • Followed by implant supported fixed partial denture.

Treatment procedure:

  • Preoperative radiographs and photographs were made.
  • Oral prophlaxis was done.Extraction i.r.t 11,21,13,22,31,32,41,42.
  • Followed by implant placement i.r.t.11,13,21,22,31,41.
  • Temporary  denture were given after two weeks.
  • Patient was recalled after 4 months for follow up.
  • Healing cap were placed ,after a week impressions were made,Trial was carried out and patients consent was sought.
  • Final cementation of implant supported  fixed partial denture i.r.t 11,12,13,21,22,31,32,41,42. was done using G.I.C. luting cement.

Follow Up:

  • Patient was recalled on a regular interval for a post operative check up till 4 months.
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