Esthetic correction of mid-line diastema using composites

Midline Diastema correction Case Cover Image-Smile story


A 56-year old woman had visited Sujay’s Dental Care complaining about chipped off and discolored front teeth fillings. She had a dental history of composite fillings i.r.t 11 and 21.

Clinical findings:

  • Retained deciduous teeth i.r.t 75 and 85.
  • Discolored and fractured composite fillings i.r.t 11 and 21.

Alternate treatment options:

  • Veneers i.r.t 11 and 21.
  • Crowns i.r.t 11 and 21.

Treatment Plan:

Our team of dentists decided for

  • Replacement of old fractured and discolored fillings i.r.t. 11 and 21, using composites.

Treatment Procedure:

  • Pre-operative photographs were taken.
  • Old composite fillings i.r.t 11 and 21 were removed.
  • Preparation of the teeth i.r.t 11 and 21 were done.
  • Etching and bonding followed by composites filling i.r.t 11 and 21 was done.
  • Finishing and polishing of the fillings were done.
  • Post operative photographs were taken.
  • Patient recalled after 6 months for regular follow up.

 Follow Up:

  • A regular 6 months follow up is advised.
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