Midline diastema correction

Midline diastema correction

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Midline diastema correction


A 27-year old woman had visited Sujay’s Dental Care complaining about spacing in the upper front teeth and required an immediate temporary correction. She had a history of orthodontic treatment 8 years back, which involved extraction of four teeth.

Clinical Findings:

  • Relapse of orthodontic correction.
  • Missing  15, 25, 35, 36, 45.
  • Root canal treated and Discolored 46.
  • Supraerupted 16.

Alternative Treatment Plan:

  • Orthodontic correction for spacing and proclination.

Treatment Plan:

  • Midline diastema closure using composite resin restoration.

Treatment Procedure:

  • Preoperative  radiographs and photographs were taken.
  • A direct composite resin restoration was done on the mesial aspect of both the upper central incisors by layering technique.
  • Mylar strips and Teflon tape were used to reestablish contacts.
  • The restoration was finished and polished using composite finishing kit and soflex kit.

Follow Up:

  • A regular 6 months follow up is advised.

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