How a Smile Restoration Boosted a Patient’s Self-confidence

Studies have shown that “a smile is one of the first things people notice about a person.” How many times has an attractive smile left a lasting impression on you?

As a dental clinic, we come across many patients whose dental problems do not allow them to smile freely.

One patient who faced this problem was Vivek (name changed for privacy). Recently, Vivek had come in for his annual checkup, and we were happy to see his broad and pleasing smile.

We recall the time when we first met Vivek. He had come to our clinic with a complaint of a discoloured upper front tooth and pain. He had told us that he was embarrassed to smile. Even when he smiled, it was a closed-lip smile. Vivek was so conscious of his tooth that he avoided close-up photographs. His loss of confidence was sad, as he felt people were only looking at his teeth when they talked to him.

What had started as slight discolouration, increased with time and turned into an ugly brownish-black stain. One day he felt a stab of severe pain in this tooth when biting food. It became worse with time and affected his ability to eat anything or talk. 

Vivek had  a history of trouble with this tooth before. He had undergone a root canal treatment performed on this tooth. Unfortunately, they had not placed a crown after the root canal treatment. Vivek was desperate for any treatment that could release the pain and also help the cosmetic appearance of his front tooth. He did not know what to do as he had already had treatment for this tooth previously, which had failed. It had made matters worse than before. 

At that point, Vivek visited our clinic. Our dentists did a thorough examination and found a cyst at the root of the upper front tooth. He was getting pain due to this cyst when biting food. Our dental practitioners counselled Vivek about the different possible treatment options available to him. The dentists answered all questions that Vivek had. We assured him that he was in good hands and that the procedure would restore his smile. Vivek gave his consent for the procedure. 

At Sujay’s Dental Care, we educate patients before any treatment so that they cooperate to get the best results. On the day of the procedure, we gave Vivek local anaesthesia. The front upper tooth was extracted under hygienic conditions by our dental specialist. We appropriately cleaned the socket area to ensure that we opened up the cyst entirely. The area was checked for any infection and cleansed correctly. An implant was placed immediately in the area followed by temporary restoration using patients own extracted tooth.

Then sutures were placed, and Vivek had to follow up after three days. He received analgesics for pain relief. After one week, we removed the stitches. Later a zirconia crown was placed improving the appearance of the teeth matching his other natural teeth. 

Once the area had healed, and the crown placed, Vivek was thrilled. He could now eat what he wanted without the fear of pain. Also, the appearance of his tooth had improved immensely. He had got back his smile. Timely treatment is the key to any dental problem. Sometimes, the issue may not be as simple as it seems at first. 

Vivek’s problem started with discolouration and progressed to severe pain. Only a proper checkup by a qualified dentist can help you get to the root cause. Why lose your smile and your confidence when there is a solution. All it takes is an appointment with a qualified dentist. 

Note: Stay tuned, we will update the post with the final restoration image.

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