We Promised Her Freedom From Pain, And We Delivered It

Dentist examining teeth at Sujay's Dental Care

Anjali put down her phone. It was her aunt on the line, calling to find out how she was feeling. After a long time, she had a smile on her face. She had a full smile with her lips parted. Finally, she was free of pain.

Things were not always like this. A few months back she was in severe pain and feeling depressed.

The thing was that Anjali (name changed for privacy) had developed an abscess involving her four front lower teeth.

The infection and swelling had increased so much that the teeth also got loose. The redness and pain got worse as the days went by. Anjali could feel the teeth shake when she touched them with her fingers or tongue.

The pain was excruciating, making it impossible to eat, drink, or even open her mouth. She wanted a treatment that could give her complete relief.

She then visited our clinic for a checkup. Our specialist dentist examined her thoroughly.

We found that she had developed a cyst near her four front teeth, and unless we started treatment immediately, the pain and pus formation would not stop.

Our plan of treatment was to remove the four front teeth so that we could reach the cyst and clear it. An implant also had to be put in to replace the extracted teeth.

The dental practitioners at Sujay’s Dental Care always believe that educating a patient is as crucial as giving treatment. An informed patient cooperates better.

Out dentist explained the treatment plan and surgical procedure in detail, and Anjali agreed to undergo the procedure.

On the day of the procedure, Anjali was very nervous as she had to have four teeth removed. Our dentists reassured her that she was in good hands. They said that after the treatment, she would have complete pain relief.

Anjali received local anesthesia to the area that we had to treat. With great attention to hygiene, we extracted the four front teeth and treated the cyst. We cleaned the whole area thoroughly, placed implants, and the procedure was completed.

A follow-up appointment was given after three days so that we could check the healing. After one week, we removed the sutures. Later an appliance was placed so that we could insert artificial teeth in the place of the removed teeth.

Anjali was very pleased with the procedure as her pain had come down, and the area had healed. She was relieved that finally, her suffering had come to an end.

At Sujay’s Dental Care, we come across patients every day suffering from pain and swelling in their teeth for various reasons.

Why suffer when all you need to do is visit your dentist. A dentist can pinpoint the exact reason for the pain and swelling and give you expert advice.

Many people don’t give enough importance to oral health. They approach a dentist only when they have a problem. Sometimes, the problem reaches such proportions that it requires surgery to deal with it.

Another reason we see people not going for dental checkups is anxiety that the treatment will be painful. But isn’t it always better to treat a problem in its initial stages rather than wait for it to grow big?

The dentists at Sujay’s Dental Care have extensive expertise in dealing with all kinds of dental problems. We also understand the psychology of patients and give them the best possible care.