How Timely Treatment Prevented a Serious Turn of Events

All of you must have heard the saying, “health is wealth.” We all know the significance of this, but many times we delay or defer critical decisions relating to our health. In many health-related conditions, early detection and treatment might make all the difference.

Here is the story of Radha (name changed to maintain privacy), a 57-year-old female patient of ours. Approximately two years ago, Radha noticed a swelling in her right lower jaw. She ignored it, thinking that it would settle down on its own.

However, even after a few days when the swelling continued to be present, she visited a dentist. The dentist suggested a biopsy of the area. He told Radha that a thorough microscopic examination of the tissue obtained from the area would shed more light on the cause of the swelling.

Radha then had a biopsy. The diagnosis was a tumor mass of the right lower jaw. Now, it was time to take a definitive action to remove the tumor.

On hearing the diagnosis, Radha was very upset and anxious about further treatment. Despite understanding that further treatment of the biopsied area was needed, she was not willing to take the right step. On the one hand, she was scared of the treatment. On the other hand, she kept hoping that the swelling would resolve on its own. With this mindset, she delayed the treatment for nearly two years.

Meanwhile, the swelling continued to increase. It reached a point that she found it hard to eat. There was also the sensation of tingling and pain in the area all the time.

She was desperate for a solution but was hesitant to see a dentist again. Finally, her daughter could not see her mother’s suffering, convinced her to visit Sujay’s Dental Care.

Our Maxillofacial Surgeon and Oncologist did a thorough examination of the swelling. They were concerned that Radha had delayed the treatment so much. They counseled Radha that there were chances that this tumor could turn into cancer. They educated Radha the dangerous consequences of the tumor if left untreated. They emphasized how early detection and treatment were vital.

Ultimately, Radha decided to have the surgery as she had developed enough confidence to go ahead. All the necessary precautions and safety measures were taken before the surgery. The preplanned surgical procedure was carried out successfully with no serious complications.

As Radha recovered well, we discharged her after daycare. We scheduled follow-ups to monitor her healing regularly. Radha and her family were very happy with the surgical outcome. They felt as if a great worry had been lifted from their shoulders.

In cases such as Radha’s, early detection is the key. Ameloblastoma, the tumor that Radha had, is usually benign, but in some cases can turn into malignant cancer.

Radha was lucky that her tumor had not turned cancerous and spread to other parts of her body even though she deferred her treatment for more than two years. But all of us might not be as lucky as Radha. One wrong decision about your health might end up in long periods of suffering, repeat hospital visits, enormous health care bills, and sometimes even death.

The dental practitioners at Sujay Dental Care have enough expertise and medical facilities to deal with the most complex cases. Our clinic is Karnataka’s first NABH accredited dental clinic and meets the highest standards in healthcare.

We also understand that educating patients is important so that they make informed decisions. A patient who is informed cooperates better and makes the whole treatment process smooth. So if you are someone facing such problems relating to your teeth or oral cavity, do contact Sujay’s Dental Care and book an appointment. In light of the current pandemic, you can now book an online dental appointment and access consultation from our expert dental practitioners.
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