Wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Case Cover image


A 26-year old man had visited our clinic complaining about pain in lower left back tooth region.

Treatment plan:

As a part of Evidence-based treatment, we took full mouth OPG. After examining the preoperative OPG, our dental experts decided for

  • Extraction of 38.
  • Curettage of 38.
  • Suturing of 38.

Treatment procedure:

  • Pre-operative photographs and radiographs were taken.

  • Local anesthesia was given.
  • Preparation of the site of extraction was done.
  • Extraction of tooth i.r.t 38 was done.

  • Curettage i.r.t 38 was done.
  • Suturing done and post operative advice was given.
  • Post operative photographs and radiographs were taken.
  • Patient was recalled after 7 days for suture removal.

Follow up:

  • Patient was recalled after 6 months for regular follow up.
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